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Eloi Minka

Sr. Director Platform Engineering • AT&T Entertainment Group

"Eric incubated DevOps as a practice within AT&T Entertainment Group (formerly Quickplay Media) as part of our overall development and operational process. He succeeded in setting the foundation and enabling the Dev and Ops teams to expand greatly on what was being done. Throughout that time, I found Eric to be an incredibly patient, open, understanding leader with a great sense of purpose. The work and the overall business goal always came first. Eric was very concerned with keeping a camaraderie among the teams while focusing on the technical challenges and working through them methodically with a clearly articulated plan. Eric's team-building skills, technical acumen, communications style and drive make him an incredible asset for any organization."

Glen Ho

DevOps Team Lead  • Quickplay Media

"I had the privilege to work with a great leader and a great human being. Not only is Eric smart, highly knowledgeable in the Devops space, organized, creative and dedicated - he can be counted on to plan, to motivate stakeholders across multiple teams, and to make sure things are done in a timely manner with great results. He is one of the best leaders and mentors I have ever worked with, and made it fun to come to work. Eric would be a great asset to any company."

Wes Vinecombe

VP Operations • Siemens Building Technologies

"Eric is, without any doubt, one of the best IT professionals I've ever worked with. Responsive to customer needs, completely proficient in his field and a pleasure to work with."



Cindy Smith

CFO • YES Prep Public Schools, Inc.

"Sarah's dedication to business development and exceptional work ethics make her a huge asset to any organization.  She is a passionate advocate for socially progressive ideals and missions and yet is consistently open minded and fair when interacting with those with differing opinions.  Her patience, sense of justice, and pursuit of excellence have returned quite remarkable accomplishments. Her successes at juggling full time work, a full time college load, home and family all while competing for numerous marathons continues to inspire me."